The final round

I said that my next post would be on Japanese pattern books...and it will be: please look upon this as an unexpected interim post! For those of you who voted on my Spring Top Week Entry in the Semi-final round yesterday, I am hugely appreciative and flattered: my top got through to the next round! Thank you so much!

The final voting will take place this weekend. It's such a huge delight to be in the final five tops - I can hardly believe it. The other tops are all completely lovely and horribly stiff I'd love it if you would go over there and vote for whichever top you like best - which would be wonderful if it's mine, but equally lovely if it's one of the others, because they're all fantastic. Press the voting button now!

Thank you also to the lovely Rae and all the judges for running such a fun competition - if you haven't already then do go over and look in the Flickr pool for top-making inspiration.  These are my favourites (well, not all of them...two of them are in the final with me this weekend!):

Springy yellow ruffle top by Michealann (I love the colour & the weight of the fabric)
Girly striped ruffle tank by Adventures in Dressmaking (This is awe-inspiring as I'm still looking at the fun that others have with jersey and wishing I could too...I love the ruffles she's made)
Sew Liberated school house tunic - by mmmcrafts (I have a big thing for black gingham at the keeps popping up in my thoughts)
Tie collar blouse - by Skippedydoodah (I love how chic this one looks)
Sweet top - by Chia (I've fallen in love with this and ordered the pattern book that it came from so that I can make one for myself...or try to...)
JJ Blouse - by Hokidoki (So perfectly fitted, I really want to have a go at making one of these too).

Does anyone know how to make a Flickr mosaic by the way? I would have loved to have shown you photos of these.

Anyway, thank you so much for voting if you did...and if you vote again now.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Florence x


  1. congrats on your top making it to the final xx
    you can make a mosiac at big huge labs and link to flickr, you can use other peoples photos if they have allowed it.
    off to look at the other finalists x

  2. Thank you!

    I found Big Huge Labs, but couldn't seem to get it work as it would only let me use other Flickr users photos by searching for what tags they might have used...have I missed something?


  3. Congratulations - very much deserved! I've already voted for you.xx

  4. Well done on getting into the top five. I have just been and voted for you, I think your top is by far the best one there. Good luck, hope you win.

  5. Congratulations!

    I've gone and voted for you. Yours - and maybe one other - was the only top that I would want to wear, although they are all pretty amazing.

  6. hi florence
    congratulations on making the final!!
    i've already voted for you again - good luck!


  7. Well done! I have voted.
    You can choose to just input the individual urls of the pics you want to make a mosaic of in big huge labs (leave it set to 'individually' rather than choosing any of the flickr options).

  8. Congrats Florence! I can't believe a top I voted for actually made it into the final (I voted for it again :) Hope that isn't a curse!) My taste in tops seems to have gone some other way from most peoples this year - which has made it fascinating to see the results. Good luck! You definitely deserved to make the cut:)

    To get the smaller sized photos for my blog I chose "blog this" but then saved the image and canceled out of posting to my blog from flickr. Don't know if that will help with the mosaic.

  9. I voted for your top becasue I genuinely think its the best. But you have a secret weapon, you look lovely in it being so petite and slim!

  10. With Big Huge Labs, there should be an option to paste individual URLs. If you can't figure it out you could send me a list of the URLs & I'll knock one up for you :)
    (I'm Dichohecho on Flickr)

  11. I used Picnik, but I've also used Big Huge Labs, picnik is a bit less clunky because you pick from photos in your picnik library, and don't have to worry about the URLs. I'm off to vote!

  12. Congratulations on your making to the final, Florence. I went over and voted for you. It was a tough choice as you said all are lovely. I went to there already decided to vote for you but the first rushed cross over in dark blue caused me to top. I like rushed, draped, crossover and was almost to vote for it, but I finally decided that it was just too much, especially at shoulders so voted for yours. So, my vote for you is because I like yours the best not because I am one of your readers. Good luck! Chloe Patricia

  13. Well done for getting into the final with your lovely top. Definitely my favourite. Because I believe in balancing things out, I'm going to say that I don't like the dark blue top very much! I do like the green top with ruffles but not any of them nearly so much as yours. So that is why I voted for it. I do hope it wins!
    Good luck! Siobhan

  14. Hmmm. There really are some lovely tops. I like the green one also, but you still get my vote. Yours really is very pretty. I think your pics help too. I also put a mention on my blog, not sure if it will help but worth a try.
    Good luck


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