Saturday, 12 June 2010

A joyful jug of roses

At our favourite pub they serve table water in lovely carafes of different colours. My mother always makes a specific request to have our water in one of the green jugs, as the colour makes her happy. We have come to refer to them as Green Jugs of Joy.

Wouldn't it be lovely to try and buy a Green Jug of Joy for Mama's birthday my sister and I had said to one another on the Eurostar a couple of weeks ago. Last weekend when Mr Teacakes and I were visiting for a sunshiney lunch I asked the Landlord if he might let me buy one of his happiness-inducing green jugs...he said no...but insisted that I take one away free-of-charge and warned his staff not to rugby tackle me as I carried it away across the green. (For some reason this exchange made Mr Teacakes look about him for a hole to swallow him up, for reasons that are too exhausting to go into...although we now joke that I might next ask the landlord if he would consider selling some of his nice old garden wall to me...or perhaps the chimney breast...or the particularly nice supporting wall that runs through the centre of the pub).

This week my sister and I plotted to fill the green jug with fuchsia roses, wrapped it in lime and pink paper and hinted at what was swaddled inside with a limey green ribbon. I'd never previously found the green of the jugs particularly joyful myself. But while it sat in my sewing room for an afternoon waiting to be given I did feel peculiarly jolly.

The jug was joyfully received to the sound of much squeaking. Hurrah! We have promised to repay the kind pub landlord by eating and drinking even more regularly in his lovely pub...oh dear. This could be a summer of much hardship.

Wishing you a sunshiney weekend,
Florence x

NB: I have discussed at length the spelling of the word 'sunshiney' with my sister and have reached the conclusion that my deliberate misspelling of it is acceptable for informal use. Removing the 'e' from it to make it proper, steals the lovely yellow roundness of the word and, as my sister said, doing so reminds her of the word 'shin' which she only remembers is a part of her body when she accidentally bangs it.

PS: In an unprecedented fit of blog housekeeping I have overhauled my list of blog links. I actually read hundreds, but I've put up an edited selection and promised myself that I will rotate them more perhaps you might find something new and lovely that you like to read in there. Additionally, I have dispensed with my headless 'this is me' photo...and daringly chosen to give myself a face. I may revert to sidebar anonymity if you all disappear though...sometimes it's nice to speak from the safety of someone who can only be visualised as facelessly lolling around next to a wall wearing a handmade apron, but I'll let you know if those wearing a head have more fun in a week or so.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a great story, with lovely pictures :) I think I would have got THAT look if I had asked to buy a part of a pub too! A bit like the look I get when I talk about the concept of 'shabby-chic'.
    I have just brought some poppies in from outside and but them in my favourite jug. Summer!

  2. What a perfect gift for your mother!!

    Everything about your blog makes me happy, but especially your nota bene today, which made me giggle.

    And your photo is lovely. :)

  3. Have just found your blog and love it. I always think the best presents are those with lots of thought and love behind them - even if they cost next to nothing. That is a lovely green!

  4. hello,
    love this post, especially your post scripts. i totally agree that 'shin' would not do at all!
    nice jug!

  5. Sunshiney is just perfect as is your beautiful gift to your Mum! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  6. How lovely to be able to give your mother something she really wants - and what a nice chap that pub landlord is. I'd certainly use his pub!

  7. What a lovely story!

    I like seeing your face! It makes the blog feel more "you", I don't know how to explain... it's good! :)

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post, and love the picture of you. Em xxx

  9. What a nice bloke that landlord is. I miss spending summer afternoons at the pub. Hmm, that makes me sound like some sort of alcoholic, but there are some really lovely country pubs near where I lived and they did very tasty pub grub.

  10. I do sunshiney with a dash (sunshine-y)--I don't think that's right either, but it lets me still use sunshine in its entirety and get my point across. I'm wanting a green jug of pink roses--my favorite color combo. Love this post!

  11. I'm quite partial to green myself so can see why for your mother at least it is a "green jug of joy"! What a lovely thoughtful present (the kind where you think what the other person actually likes, instead of giving them what we would secretly like ourselves!)The flowers are rather beautiful too. What a nice man you have running your pub.
    It's very nice to see your face on your blog but I know I would feel shy about such things too. You have chosen a lovely photo and it is nice to have a face to go with the words! Spellings are definitely to be played with I think.

  12. Ginny, why do I feel like you're mocking me?! I know your sense of took me a long time to phrase things in a way that wouldn't make my post appealing to people putting in odd search terms!

    Vegetablog - it made me so happy finding out what NB stands for - thank you.

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.


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