Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mission accomplished

Thank you so much for all your input on colour in answer to my last post. You may not be entirely surprised to learn that I wimped out of adding any colour at all...but hey, today brings new the courage to dye this previously beige cardigan mustard, so all is not lost!

After this cardigan was returned to the shop for being too lurid, the disappointment of being told that J Crew don't currently ship to England and so one of their perfectly delicious (non-lurid) mustard cardigans would never be mine, I was quite crestfallen. But after a brief fall into depression, I rallied at the realisation that if the mustard cardigan will not come to the English girl, then the English girl must make her own mustard loveliness. Dylon, you are my saviour. I was hoping for a shade of mustard similar to the tiny flowers on this candle holder that my Mama and sister brought back for me after a day out together and that's exactly what I got. Having used Dylon before, I was really aware that the final colour depends on the base colour of the original garment and so decided to do some experimentation and threw two other unloved garments in with the cardigan to see how they reacted to the yellow dye.

The successful cardigan is the garment in the middle. These are my colour notes on the other two: the top on the left is now a shocking shade of egg yolk that no sane adult would choose to wear outside the house (or inside come to that). The dark brown cardigan on the right remained completely unchanged...although I am planning to dye it navy blue soon instead...I'll let you know how that goes.

My cardigan has dyed evenly and luckily the thread used to sew the whole thing together must have been cotton rather than polyester, as that's taken the dye too.

For the past five years I have been a creature of consistency and brown has been the colour that my inner homing pigeon has headed for the minute I enter a clothes shop...and if that came with a little duck egg blue on the side then all the better. But perhaps the rods and cones of my retina* have been shifting around and doing strange things, because suddenly those colours no longer make me feel happy when I look at them. Now, I attempt to navigate my way around the browns in my wardrobe as I dress each morning and find that I'm all for navy with some mustard on the side...the mustard bit is just so hard to find.

What colour combinations are making you happy?

Florence x

*This is how the conversation went:

Me: Honey, is the retina the bit of the eye that detects colour?
Mr Teacakes: I think so.
Me: Oh. [I then went off and did some googling...because I know that if I learn a fact like that in relation to something that I'm actually interested in - that being fabric and clothing - then perhaps I'll remember it].

This only needs clarifying because normal people would have friends and family who would just assume that might be something they'd know. I have friends and family who will read my comment about cones and rods and worry that someone might have hacked into my blog. Rest's definitely me...I just like to masquerade as one who has some scientific knowledge occasionally...even if I then ruin the illusion by adding a confessional addendum.


  1. I'm currently in love with mustard yellow myself and I agree - it is hard to find!

    I'm currently knitting a yellow cardigan and I had the hardest time finding the color yarn I wanted.

  2. I have to appreciate mustard yellow from afar because it makes me look jaundiced. Lately I've been addicted to navy & white stripes with hot pink - like a belt or shoes, or a bit of piping. Grey and bright pink always makes me happy.

  3. Yes I like mustard but have never worn it not sure why - during winter I was obsessed with lime greens and browns. I go through phases but the colour that truly belongs to me is purple in any shade, colours definitely affect my mood and I dress with colour rather than style/item in mind. If I don't follow my need to wear that colour, I feel wrong all day - so I know what you mean about the mustard.

  4. Mustard yellow does not look good with my oriental skin tone - but purples and reds do. I'm loving the combination of navy and mustard yellow. Very nice!

  5. The mustard looks great! I love playing with dyes and mixing them too to get the right shade. As for colours I wear, I don't think I have a colour - love pattered fabrics (spots to liberty print)

  6. Love the 'new' cardigan! I have only dyed clothes once, but am now thinking about all the things in my wardrobe that could be spruced up.

    I adore brown clothes...most of my favourite clothes are brown. I like brown with navy, green, blue, red, grey, and more brown.

    At the moment, I don't have any green cardigans, and would dearly love a red one...although I can't remember the last time I wore red. Mustard yellow is a great colour!

  7. That is such a coincidence because I am veering away from the browns myself and finding myself wanting navy instead! How strange! I cannot say I'm into mustard yellow though, although it does go perfectly with navy. And Dylon! Of course - fab idea to change your wardrobe in one fell swoop! Love it.

  8. That cardi is just delicious! Well done figuring out how to make "sunflower yellow" to a lovely mustard.
    I cannot have mustard colour near my face,makes me look rather unwell, so have to look at it on other people.

  9. Ms Cleaver...oh to be able to turn wool into mustard loveliness...I'm feeling most envious, but now even a little more anxious to get practising some stitches soon.

    Jaundice seems to be a common issue..I hope there's something that I'm not seeing. Oh dear.

    Graciepeasharps - I hadn't worn red for years and then one day when I was feeling particularly lethargic and dispirited my mother told me that I must wear red on those days as it's very energising...and oddly she's completely right - I always feel more happy and productive once I've put a red top on...I say chase the red cardigan.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. x

  10. I love mustard as a colour too, but not on me. Too pale. I have been drawn to pink and green combinations. But not for clothes!
    Browns and greens maybe.

    The retina is made up of rod and cone cells. The cones are less numerous and detect colour. Just in case you needed to know that!


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