Sunday, 13 June 2010

Peanut balls and ginger beer

Mr Teacakes has been working hard to make football, which we have worried may steal from us his brain, thoughts, person and soul for the next 28 days, more acceptable (no, make that more appealing - for he's launched a full football charm offensive here and is hoping for a 360° turn). Today, in homage to Ghana playing, he introduced the little Teacakes to traditional Ghanaian music and then made us some sweet treats to be eaten while watching the match. The treats were Ghanaian Peanut Balls, which were delicious and gobbled up enthusiastically. We ate them with ginger beer. I worried that Mr Teacakes may be confusing issues by twinning Ghana with connotations of Enid Blyton: a knot which may prove too tricky for anyone to untie when trying to understand the culture of a place, but he assured us that ginger beer is a traditional African drink and that he had requested it for this very reason...

Since the beginning of the World Cup (has it really only been 3 days?) each of us has also been asked to pick a team out of a hat every day. The goals scored in each game are added to our running totals...and on the last day of the World Cup one of us will be in delighted possession of a large chocolate bar. Our progress is recorded on Zebra-girls large chalk board and, through no skill of my own, I am currently winning. Hurrah!

Today I worked my way through a mountain of ironing while we all watched Ghana vs Serbia. I thought up questions to ask Mr Teacakes about tactics...because he is so delighted when I feign an interest.

Oh and I should tell you...the man who knows that wearing polyester football shirts is both a sartorial mistake and does little to enhance his wife's love of the game, but still wishes to register his footballing enthusiasm about his person, buys his viewing clothing from Philosophy Football...simple, iconic designs printed on close-fitting 100% cotton t-shirts....that really do almost meet with wifely approval (he's actually been buying t-shirts from here for the last two years...and I never think of them as sporting paraphernalia...which is good).

Thank you so, so much for all your commenty loveliness on my trip to Paris, the Green Jug of Joy, and my profile picture which now, for the time being, has a head (verdict so far...having a head is more fun and, as Concha says, perhaps it makes one's blog a little more one's own). You have been so kind and, as ever, I have loved reading your comments. How are you surviving/enjoying the World Cup? x


  1. Yes, I think it's quite good to have a head on your profile - I might put mine on soon. It's a good idea too not looking at the camera - I love ginger beer, had forgotton, how inventive of hubby to get into culture character for the match.

  2. Ha ha! I love that "feigning an interest" bit. Its the same here. They have this big wallchart where Hubby and son fill in all the scores and compare against their own pre-match predictions, bla, bla, bla .... meanwhile I blog to my heart's content!

  3. Regarding World Cup fever - I am from Australia ... say no more. I could always console myself with some of those Ghanaian Peanut Balls, I guess.

  4. I wish I had peanut balls to make the football more bearable!

  5. Hello Florence. I like your head photo very much; I got round the issue on mine by having a photo of my back! The football is only of interest to anyone here when England are playing at which point we are obliged to sit with Dave and pretend to enjoy it. Ah well, it could be worse x

  6. Luckily, as husband's anti-TV phobia can be a real pain, it means that this house is a football free zone. A lot of tennis is being watched by Mother-in-law though and Wimbledon still to come - break out the strawberries and cream, says husband!
    Glad you've decided to go with the photo for a while.

  7. That's an interesting website those peanut balls come from. As a vegetarian myself there is much to tempt. I had to come away as I am very hungry right now and haven't the right ingredients - thanks for the link; I will be going back for more! Football? Well, I do enjoy a good England game, but sadly don't know many of the players anymore which makes it harder to feel involved. What a good idea to concentrate on food instead - it can only help to ameliorate the disappointment when we get kicked out prematurely (I know, we are going to win!)

  8. Fortunately my husband doesn't insist on watching all the matches - and besides, I can always hide behind an embroidery frame!


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