Shirred jersey skirt

Well, from the comments on my last post it isn't just me who loves Anna Maria's voile - if you haven't already entered the give-away, then you still have time to win two whole metres of Anna's wonderful voile - just go to this post and leave a comment.

I went to my local fabric shop yesterday morning to find some dress lining for the wonderful voile that Rachel of Ray-Stitch very kindly sent for me to keep for myself (...again, see the last post), and got distracted by this navy jersey fabric. Mmm, that could make a lovely skirt, I thought.

I whizzed up this jersey skirt while I thought about voile sundresses, for I am procrastinating about making one. I adore the fabric so much that I feel huge pressure to make this dress something that I completely love...I can't bear the idea that I will end up making something that never gets to venture out of the wardrobe and into the sunlight.

So back to the jersey skirt: it is two hemmed rectangles of lightweight jersey, with about 3" of shirring at the top, similar to something lovely that Adrianna made recently. I love it. It took about an hour and half to make and is so wearable.

And oddly, I realised afterwards, that was me, making something from jersey, which I have feared and simultaneously been in garment-making awe of,  for about three years. I was thinking about the voile dress so much that I forgot to be scared, forgot it was my feared fabric and just shirred it on my sewing machine and then whizzed the seams up on my overlocker and returned to the sewing machine to hem...all in a daze, as though it were cotton....hurrah! Now I just need something to think about while I make the voile dress...


  1. I have a fear of knits AND cutting into voile too! I just started cutting a prize piece of voile to make a sleeveless top and am hoping not to ruin it. I love your jersey skirt. I must try shirring.

  2. This is lovely! looks so easy to wear and classic. You're making me want to shirr! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. It looks so much nicer than an elastic-in-casing waistband too!
    I noticed a pair of shorts I have has a shirred waistband (your recent posts have me paying attention to such things now) and I thought that I'd MUCH rather do that than work a piece of elastic through.

  4. There's no stopping you. I too fear jersey so maybe - just maybe....I'll have a go. Wonder what shirred velvet would look like....
    Any ideas what to do with 2m of Liberty lawn....
    Happy stitching Florence.

  5. Sigh... that's genius! Is it really that easy?

  6. Oh this one really appeals to me - it's like you said, very wearable. I could live in this skirt. Plus, it'll take you through all 4 seasons, always a bonus! Nicely done, Florence!

  7. I took inspiration from your shirred top and did one of mine, I was deligted with it! Now, I have jersey on order to make a top, perhaps I can make a shirred skirt too! Thanks for the wonderful ideas.
    Kandi x

  8. It's lovely Florence, and suits you very very nicely. Perhaps I MUST add it to my extremely long list. Do come on over, there's some shirring to show!!!

    Kate x

  9. Love it - I really must conquer my overlocker fear.

  10. It's lovely Florence. Long may teh shirring continue x

  11. It looks beautiful. I wish it were warmer down here in Oz so I could make one.


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