Slouchy Make-Up Bag Pattern PDF

Some things take a while to see the light of day: I've been working on this pattern for a few months on and off, but have then have kept being called away by more pressing sewing matters (that's fabric, Japanese pattern books and lots of other good things doing the calling!). But finally, my slouchy make up bag, that I have sold in my own shop for the last few years, has had the full attention that was needed to turn it into a PDF pattern.

These are just some of the guises that it has been's a lovely pattern to the past I've done that with a ribbon that follows the bag's gentle curve, or with sequins and beads, sewn on by hand.

The final pattern that I've settled on has covered zip ends:

And a velvet ribbon zip pull:

It is fully lined, flat-bottomed and the cavernous, informal-but-elegant slouchy feel remains unchanged. For pictures of the make-up bag from every conceivable angle you can peep at the ones in my shop (although they don't have the velvet ribbon pull on them). I love this make-up bag...I've make a new one for myself about every six months (due to a desire to see an ever-changing parade of lovely fabrics on my dressing table), but the Anna Maria Horner Social Climber print that I've used to illustrate the pattern is one of my favourites.

Small, independent sewers/shop owners are completely welcome to sell any make-up bags that you make from this pattern. And if you want to share any pictures of the lovelies that you make then you're also welcome to drop them into my Flickr group or email them to me - I'd love to see!

This pattern has a slightly lower price, of £3.50 (that's around $5 USD) than my others, due to it being shorter in length and a less complex design. It is not a scary pattern, could be tackled by an enthusiastic beginner and assumes no prior knowledge of zip insertion.

As ever, you don't need a PayPal account to pay for this pattern - PayPal accepts credit and debit cards. Once you've paid, PayPal will take you to a page where you can download the pattern instantly, by clicking on the link provided. You will also receive an email containing the same link. The pattern must be downloaded within 48 hours of payment - after this time the link expires.

Happy stitching,
Florence x


  1. It is a lovely bag. I'm going through a bit of a bag lady phase. I am loving making my new design and ideas for new ones keep popping into my head at inappropriate times!! Unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to do anything with them! Love the velvet ribbon.

  2. Emma Goodright15 June 2010 at 12:45

    Thank you for selling this pattern, I love this bag and I think they will make ideal christmas presents for lots of my lovely family and my daughters school friends, so I have purchased one and can't wait to get sewing.
    As a complete beginner I have made the lined zipped bag from your tutorial and with your instructions it was a joy to make.
    Emma x

  3. Emma Goodright15 June 2010 at 12:52

    Goodness that was quick, I've found a12 inch zip too, guess what I'll be doing this evening...yay...x

  4. Hi. Just find your blog. It is one lovely place to be. Thank you so much.

  5. hi!
    Is there a pattern for this makeup bag, i wasn't able to find it!
    thanks though, bags are really adorable.

  6. Emma - I hope that you had a lovely evening.

    Crafty Smiles - thank you - so lovely to have you here and thank you so much for leaving such a lovely message.

    Pukka's like an addiction, no? I have to try and batt the thoughts away as it can interfere with sleep (literally!) as I even wake in the night thinking of them.

    Anonymous - the pattern is a PDF that I email to you after payment (PayPal button at the bottom of the post). Sorry to disappoint - there are some free tutorials in my tutorials tab though.

    Florence x

  7. The Slouchy Make-Up Bag couldn't be any cuter. This is a wonderful little pattern. Made the first one out of some fabric scraps and fell in love. Thanks Florence!

  8. I love your patterns and the prints you choose! It's like eye candy... ;)

  9. Love your bag and your fabric choices. So kind of you to share your knowledge and tutorial with us all.

  10. Love the slouchy bag pattern, thank you so very much. Some photos of the bag I made are here I hope to sign up with flicker soon to post pics there. Thanks again Florence! smiles, Virginie


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