After-dinner peppermints

Long-time readers of my blog will know that I am a little obsessed with making peppermint creams. There's something happiness-inducing about achieving just the right colour and then popping the shapes out of the cutter onto the work surface. And then arranging them on a plate. And then photographing you can probably tell, I could happily photograph peppermint creams all day long. You can find my recipe for them here.

When some friends asked if they could come over for dinner on Friday night (they're exactly the sort of friends that you want to invite themselves over: when they texted me, I felt utter relief at the prospect of seeing them - like falling into a great pillow of cotton wool - we were having a tiring and unhappy week).

So I made peppermint creams and there was something comforting about knowing they'd turn out just how I hoped and enjoying the production line. 

I went completely wild (yes, I know, I may take to wearing underpants on my head soon. My recklessness knows no bounds) and made some minty green ones too. I love after-dinner mints, but they make me think of Abigail's Party, so I have to stop myself from buying them. These feel like a more acceptable version.

And what made me happiest of all is that after years of making peppermint creams with the evidence still on my fingers for the rest of the day, the manufacturers of the food colouring have finally made bottles where the drops of colour fall easily and don't dribble down the sides of bottle.

It's always baffled me that cars and computers are a possibility and yet the simple food-colouring bottle is so fundamentally flawed. The world feels a better place for some good people having finally thought to fix this anomaly.

They were the after dinner peppermints to a pea and asparagus risotto. Risotto is the perfect lazy supper, because it can be made while people are there, with no advance preparation needed. One just needs to remember to stir and not to drink any wine until it's been served. I did need frequent reminding of this.

Florence x

Ps. I'm so sorry - I'm really behind with replying to emails this week and probably won't get a chance until Monday evening. But I will reply! Patterns will continue to be sent out within 24 hours (thanks to my wonderful, wonderful iPhone). 

Pps. I have not forgotten that I promised a tutorial on how to make a lined, shirred skirt. This is coming...I promise. Things take a little longer in the summer holidays.


  1. You sound a bit up to your eyes, chick! And you still find time to make beautiful, peppermint creams! They make me wish with all my heart that I liked peppermint! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Oooh, a lined shirred skirt, I'm so excited! I can get all the supplies I need now...the French for shirring elastic is 'elastique faire le smocking' l.o.l

    Linda in France

  3. I just needed to say that I'm always just a bit happier when I turn on the Mac and see a blue star telling me there's a new post on your blog!

    The peppermint creams are lovely.

    Thank you!!

  4. As I recently spent an embarrassing weekend trying to explain away yellow fingers (not a 40 a day habit, just food colouring ....) I did like your post. Also, I LOVE the peppermint creams. They look so beautiful and I can almost taste them!!!

  5. Those peppermint creams look like a work of art! Congrats!

  6. Yours come out so beautifully! Mine taste good, but I'm still working on the visual part!
    Beautiful pics!

  7. I never knew peppermint creams could be so pretty!!


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