Cocoon Laptop Cover Pattern PDF

I've been working on this pattern on-and-off for the last couple of months now, and it's finally reached a place where I'm really pleased with it. It is snug-fitting, can be made to fit the dimensions of any laptop, has a pocket at the front for CD's, pen drives, or any other little bits that you might need and will protect it against bumps and scratches.

Included in the pattern are all the formula you need to calculate your pattern pieces to fit your own laptop perfectly, as well as tables to record your measurements in. The measuring and cutting for this pattern are what could be described as an extended Precision Moment (this is a term that I often use in my patterns, so it amused me a great deal to find recently that one sewing group who made the Tabitha Bag together now jokingly use this terms at moments that require made me feel so happy that they had found this amusing and have adopted the phrase into their shared lexicon), but once the measuring and cutting have been completed, it's actually a very simple pattern to put together.

But it didn't always look like's been through so many guises. I found it more challenging to design something where the dimensions were unknown. It started off as a zipped version like this:

But there were elements of this that I couldn't translate to be universal to suit any laptop's dimensions...or more specifically any zip that might be used. I started to lie awake at night worrying that someone would use a zipper with wider sides or bigger teeth than I'd intended...would such a thing throw out the whole pattern? It was too much for the control freak in me to contemplate when the final fit is so important.

Then one morning I woke up and realised that I could design something that was like a sister pattern to the Lis iPod holder, in both look and function. At first I incorporated handles into this...but then I realised that I wouldn't want to hang something as precious as a laptop perhaps no one else would either.

So here it is...very similar to the Lis, but as I thought that as one is unlikely to store credit cards in the pocket, the closure flap protects that laptop area, rather than the pocket this time, and is a little more substantial. The pocket is snug, so should hold most things securely in place without the risk of them falling out (yes, one prototype had Velcro on the pocket, but it made the contents inaccessible. I have a testing process that could rival Ikea and their trialling of kitchen drawers...where they apparently slam them shut about 50,000 times....sometimes I drive myself to distraction with these things).

Here are the vital statistics:

The Cocoon Laptop Cover:
  • Can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your own laptop
  • It has a pocket and a Velcro closure tab
  • Has full instructions and illustration photographs (small, to be easy on the printer ink)
  • It costs £6.50 (which is just under $10).
  • Small businesses and online shops are welcome to sell any laptop covers that they make from this pattern.
  • The pattern can be downloaded immediately after payment. Once you've paid, PayPal will take you to a page where you can download the pattern instantly, by clicking on the link provided. You will also receive an email containing the same link. The pattern must be downloaded within 48 hours of payment - after this time the link expires.
  • Payment is completely secure through PayPal - you do not need a PayPal account, as they accept Visa or debit cards too.

If you want to share any pictures of Cocoons that you make then I'd be delighted to see them. You can either email them to me or drop them into my Flickr pool here.

School finishes today, and so it feels like the summer is truly about to begin for us. I hope you're having a lovely hurrah-for-the-weekend feeling to your Friday today too.

Florence x


  1. Can you please stop inspiring me with your ideas? I already have a to-do list longer than I am tall :)

  2. I tried ordering, but PayPal gave an error - like it thinks the product name is too long?

  3. I just got a receipt by e-mail from PayPal. So looks like it worked, despite the error message. - Lyn.

  4. another cool pattern Florence. Sounds like you did spend a lot of thought on putting it together, I'm super impressed. :)

  5. Thank you so much for letting me know, Lyn. It's all fixed now.

    Bethany...I'm now intrigued by your height...I'm trying to remember if you're one of the people who listed their height in the trouser-shortening post!

    Thank you, Anna! x

  6. beautiful design, it is very well considered and look brilliant. i love that you have shared the various stages of development for this pattern.

  7. Hi Florence,
    I like the way you add a paypal button to your blogging - is it easy to do?
    Have a great weekend and happy stitching.

  8. I've just ordered it!

    Fantastic design and excellent timing too - I'm going on holidays to Portugal soon and I really needed one of these. I have the Amy Butler pattern but never got around to sew it... your pattern seems more practical and I'll definitely make it!

  9. I just bought the pattern!! I am always amazed for your attention to detail that I couldn't resist buying the pattern. Can't wait to make a cover for my laptop!

  10. I stumbled upon your post a few months ago and was hesitant to buy a pattern over the internet. I finally took the plunge today and I am so happy that I did. It looks like a beyond perfect tutorial and I'm going to get to work on this gift right away :) Thanks Florence!


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