Our family in fabric

The Little Teacakes and I decided to have an arts & crafts day today...which basically involved us sitting on my bedroom floor for several hours with fabric, glue and colouring pens and making a mess. I love what they came up with. Above is Dinosaur-boy's version of our family...he created himself on the right first...which meant that to keep to scale, Daddy had to be given super long legs. I am wearing the pink dress, and Zebra-girl is in a yellow skirt, a Cake Hat atop her head.

After the people came cats and kittens in baskets and owner's wearing rainbow tights, the one below was created by Dinosaur-boy.

While Zebra-girl added mice and wool to tempt her cat out of its basket.

At this point Zebra-girl pottered off, but Dinosaur-boy surprised me by showing no waning in his enthusiasm and he began drawing dinosaurs for a prehistoric scene. At this point he enlisted me to be his cutter, as his drawings became so fiddly that it was impossible for him to cut them with my enormous fabric shears.

I love the mother and babies that he created.

I wasted no time in updating their picture frames with their new artwork. If you fancy having a go, we found it worked best to draw the shapes on the reverse of the fabric with disappearing ink (t-shirts, trousers, dresses) and to stick them on to the paper and then draw all the body parts on after, once the glue had dried. We used Uhu fabric glue, but you could easily do this with scrapbook paper if you don't have any fabric glue around.

This entertained us for several hours...and as it wasn't sunny outside I felt quite happy to have a day inside pottering with them.

Wishing you a happy Friday,
Florence x

(ps. I have no idea why the pictures have become so blurry and hideous today once uploaded to Blogger...sorry!).


  1. What a lovely project!
    And ever since Blogger changed how you upload photos I've been having issues. They should have left well enough alone.

  2. Really cute. We love doing things like that together too. Those are the best times, aren't they?

  3. Oh, lovely! And could you tell us about those picture frames? Are they just the frame + glass, with no backs on?
    Still loving the blog, btw. Your sewing is so beautiful, it's inspiring me to try and be a bit neater...

  4. Beautiful idea! I'm sure my master 6 will love to do this.

  5. What a lovely idea, definitely one to try out :)

  6. The photos actually look pretty crisp on my screen - have you re-uploaded them?

  7. Love the dinosaur family particularly, though it all makes great decoration when framed. P

  8. I love this project!! So sweet and definitely a keepsake. I'll be pulling out a bag of scraps on the next rainy weekend!

  9. Nina, the frames are from Habitat several years ago - the pictures are sandwiched between two layers of glass so that you can see the wall behind.

    Rachel - no, I haven't, so maybe it's just my strange laptop.

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments.

    Josh, I'd rather not, if possible - thanks for the enquiry though.


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