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The amount of posts revolving around the Anna Maria Horner 'Square Dance' fabric panels is now bordering on the obscene - if the panels were a person they would feel stalked and almost certainly overwhelmed by the amount of sewing time I have given over to them. I have several remaining squares, but they are now carefully folded and stored away at the back of my fabric drawers and I'm not allowing myself to use them again until next year. So this quilt is something of a Square Dance finale for me!

It is horribly difficult to photograph this quilt in today's gloom, but even in bright sunlight its size doesn't seem to be easily accommodated by my camera screen. It is bigger than a standard single quilt as I made it long enough to cover the pillow at the head of the bed (due to my strange feelings about pillows being on view discussed in this post). The batting is Quilter's Dream Puff - I used this when I made our own double quilt and it is so warm and light that I'm a committed convert. Gone are my Hobbs Heirloom days.

The only difficulty I found with this quilt was the use of squares - which would be so much better on a double quilt (which is also square). Using a central square on a single rectangular quilt means that the subsequent bands of fabric surrounding the square have to be cut at double the width for all bands going across the quilt, so that the quilt can become longer and thinner, while still allowing the central square to look normal (does that make sense?).

You may remember that this quilt is the first one I'd planned using my computer - I think I'd try it that way again, but I'd go one step further and install a grid on the screen to represent the size - this would have meant that I could have worked around the above problem before cutting into my fabric. As I made the quilt I fell in love with the fabrics all over again and so started started self-imposed rationing of their use, thinking of the summer dresses I might make with them next year: each fabric has been used very sparingly.

As always, creating the quilt patch is one of my favourite things. I have it in my head to also make some new cushions for Zebra-girl's room too, but that can wait for a while as with all the birthday gifts now sewn up I have a couple of patterns that I'd like to write, as well as some winter clothes that I can't wait to make.

It has finally been cold enough to wear the autumn jacket that I made in mid-August (what was I thinking?) and it's making me think of all the other lovely wintry things I'd like to make. I'm wondering if anyone has come across a tutorial for drafting and installing a coat lining - I'd love to make a proper lined winter coat, but the lining (which will be a different shape to that of the coat if one wants proper facings) is foxing me whenever I think about it...I'm thinking that I may like to hand-sew it in afterwards, but there's still the shape to negotiate.

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  1. It's a beautiful quilt Florence. I laughed at the pillow discussion (because I so agree) and at the rationing of fabric for other projects (yes, me too!). Can't wait to see what you make for winter x

  2. The quilt is beautiful! I love that Square Dance fabric too. I have a tiny strip of it that I just look at from time to time but can't use. I also made my daughter's quilts long enough to cover their pillows! And I make shams too. I don't like plain old pillows sitting there! It must feel great to have this done.

  3. What a dreamy quilt!
    You're lucky it's chilly enough for coats--we were back in shorts on Friday. Hopefully fall comes in soon--I love cooler weather!

  4. Thats a really pretty quilt, I have a desire to one day make one of my own, but for now I will be inspired by your lovely makes! Gorgeous squares by the way!

    Love Julia x x x

  5. It's a lovely quilt, and just in time for the change in the weather. I've got the sweaters out of storage...!

  6. What a sweet quilt! The whole room must look lovely with all the bits and pieces you made. I dear daughter must be thrilled.

    As for lining coats, Robin at
    Is showing her steps while making a very impressive and gorgeous coat. You might be interested in what she is doing.

  7. What a beautiful quilt. Those colours are so sweet, very nice!

  8. It looks lovely.

    It's 109 degrees today - I don't want to even think about a winter coat. Still, I have no idea if I did it right, but...

    when I lined my daughter's coat, I made it pretty much the same shape as the outside, then it got tucked under the facings - does that make sense?

  9. I have made myself a couple of lined winter coats from the same pattern. (In different fabric they look different and are different lengths) In the end I bought (yes bought!) a Vogue pattern. It's then a simple case of follow the steps. Lovely quilt.

  10. Thank you so much for your comments - do follow Karin's link if you're interested in dressmaking as it's fantastic.

    Christine - yes, I'd thought of buying a pattern and have even found one that I love, but then I read on a forum that the pattern is brilliant, but gives virtually no instruction at all as to the lining installation, so it's put me off a little.


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