Bear in a bed

This weekend one of my friend's children had a birthday. When my friend had seen the bed that I'd made for Zebra-girl's birthday, she said how much her own daughter would love something like that for her bear. I filed the comment away in my head and then found it again on Friday afternoon when I was thinking about what the smaller Teacakes could take with them to her birthday party*. Zebra-girl advised me on a suitable bed size (having been surprisingly observant regarding the vital statistics of the bear in question) and when it was finished she drew a paper bear to go in the bed, so that when it was opened her friend would realise that she was in possession of a Bear Bed and not an oven mitt.

For blogging purposes Blue Bear tested it out - he was my husband's bear when he was small. On a sunny day, when the bear is in no need of swaddling, then the bed can be turned over and used without a cover.

You might notice if you look closely that the quilt on which the bear bed is resting has little pin-prick holes in it. This is the quilt that I talked about making here from Anna Maria Horner's voiles. We've found that while the voile is perfectly suited to quilt making, it is less able to withstand the consumer tests that our cats are submitting it to. In the evening when the cats warm Zebra-girl's toes, they are so happy in her company that they tread their paws up and down, retracting their claws in and out as they do so...and making little holes all over her quilt. I'm hoping that if and when she notices this,she'll only think that the cats' signatures adds to the quilt's personality (after giving myself a stern talking to this is the way that I have forced myself to view this anyway).

My friend texted me last night to say that the bag's new owner was safely snuggled inside her bed. Although I'm now wondering whether their kitten might also find a use for it....

Florence x

* And on the basis of your book suggestions a few weeks ago, they also took her a copy of Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson.


  1. That is seriously cute. Thank you for sharing.

    And that bear has obviously been deeply loved by your husband :)

    One of my cats loves to pad on things. Usually it's my arm when she's on my lap. It is Deep Love ... but the little pin pricks in my arm can be painful. However, in time you will indeed view the holes as expressions of your cat's love :)

  2. What a perfect little bed for a bear. I'd say it was the perfect gift for a little girl only I'm far from little and I want one!

  3. Dear little bear bed, Florence. Visiting cat has been here for the weekend and I've fond pinholes in the linen cover of a chair I re-upholstered - shall have stern words with VC next time I see him!

  4. Cats have an unerring attraction to the most precious things to claw. Mine used to sleep in the top of my wardrobe until I found what he'd been doing to my favourite sweater.

    But I've resigned myself to holes in all the bedsheets.

  5. That is so sweet, and Blue Bear is a little cutey.

  6. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts - isn't gift-giving for children's parties a minefield? Home-made and a book, the perfect combination. I'm so pleased that in some small way I helped contribute to encouraging another Moomin-fan or two!

  7. The oven mitt part made me laugh!

    These wee beds are such a great idea.


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