Thursday, 4 November 2010

The best bits...

Today I managed to stay focused for the entire day and get lots of things done (is it just me who finds it so much easier to be productive if I'm working in the evening?), but the productivity was happily punctuated by reading the wonderful comments on my last post. It was so interesting to read about the details of people's days and I loved being told of so much remembered loveliness.

iPhone holder: made by Keely
Which made me think of a website that I stumbled upon recently called My Best Thing Today. It's a site that curates the postcards people send in about...yes...their best thing that day. I love the philosophy of noticing what the best thing about a day was, even on the darkest day, because there is always something even if it's only the way the light falls through a windows and casts shadows on the walls. It's a little like the Post Secret blog, but without that sinking feeling that you can get when you read some of the postcards.

So my own best things, aside from the above, from this week (give or take a few days):
  • Some fabric arriving for making something special and it being even more lovely than I'd hoped.
  • Sharing a Kallo rice cake with the cat* while I worked this afternoon.
  • Waking up to find it was a bright morning - I'd been so hoping it would be, as I wanted to photograph some things for a project that I was working on (more about that in December).
  • Speaking to someone lovely with a broad northern accent when I rang a company up to ask if I could return something.
  • Receiving photos from Keely (who I think is blogless?) of a beautiful iPod holder she'd made from one of my patterns. The colours and the details I found completely thrilling. I am in love with the pinky-red button detail and can only imagine Keely's niece will be too when she receives it.
  • Eating apple crumble at my mother-in-law's house. My crumbles are always virtuous with hardly any sugar and made using wholemeal flour...her's are perfection. So I had two large helpings.   
  • Watching Simon's Cat videos with Mr Teacakes and then showing them to our children the next day. This man has captured essence-of-cat with simple animated line drawings and watching them made us howl with laughter. Too wonderful not to watch them over and over...we have anyway (and if you watch any, then do turn your volume on first as the cat noises are adorable and it's hard to believe they are made by man, not cat).
  • Sitting in my sister's cosy flat drinking tea and coffee after taking the children to a very cold swing park.
  • Everything feels illuminated: I finally fitted a new bulb in my sewing machine after a few dark weeks of sewing without.

 What were your own best bits?

Florence x

 *No, I did not allow the cat to nibble directly from the rice cake...I broke bits off for her...just in case you were wondering.


  1. The best bit of my day today was snuggling on the sofa with all my babies bathed and in their pyjamas before tea after getting very wet coming home form school, it has not been bright here!! x

  2. The best part of mine was wen I woke up this morning with the dog snuggled on my feet on a gloomy rainy day.
    Love how you called your apple crumble 'virtuous'

  3. Oh my goodness, - the first thing I've ever seen of my own making on a blog, which makes it easily the best bit of my day! Thank you so, so much for including it Florence, I am genuinely touched, and feeling really rather smug :-)

    It's very tempting to venture into Blog Land. Maybe I'll give it a go...


  4. The best part of today was taking my kids to the Botanic Gardens. I grew up going and had just never gotten around to venturing there. So fun just walking outside......
    Thanks for reminding me to look at the best bits
    And I, too, am a virtuous baker, so I love getting the real stuff too! :)

  5. A daily best? -- My son found a great deal on cute little pie pumpkins brought me m a n y of them.. Cute as they are for fall decor, I've been cooking them and puree-ing them for feasting soon. I had no idea that real pie pumpkins were such delicious and tasty treats. No sugar needed. Happy fall!

  6. your day sounds lovely. and my cat likes rice cakes too x

  7. Probably seeing my cat snuggled up all day in an empty fabric box. Also it's been blowing a gale here today so seeing all the gorgeous Autumn leaves blowing around on the pavement.

    There is nothing better than finally getting round to replacing a light bulb on your sewing machine - especially this time of year!

  8. I am reading this at 6:24 am so I am not sure I have a best bit yet, but I am sure there will be many today. I love looking for the "best bits" in everyday. By the way, I just realised that your furry feline looks like my Mickey-maybe they are related! I have many pics of my girl on my blog if you want to compare.

  9. At last getting a new kitchen tap that turns off and on, and a cloakroom tap that doesn't drip - thank you Mr Plumber.
    Finding a Mars bar that I bought weeks ago just as I was so in need of a treat.
    Getting a new novel through the post just as I'd finished the last one I'd been reading.
    Managing to sew for a whole hour uninterrupted!
    Getting a comment on my blog that made me laugh out loud.

  10. I have just had the best bit of my week .. The Asymetrical corset I am making, not only fits my asymetrical friend, but makes her look as if she isn't asymetrical! It's totally mind bending because the pattern looks so WRONG, but it works!! I am ecstatic! It means that I can make a pattern for a fuller busted, curvy, lopsided lady, and make her look like Jessica Rabbit!! This is a dream come true! :)

  11. Hi Florence,

    Today was a beatyful autumn Sunday in Denmark were I am living. A little bit could but not frosty. I went to a gardencentre to buy some tulip bulps. Need to put them down now, to make sure to have something nice coming up in April :-) Soon I will finnish my blogging and enjoy my sewmachine and the "make-up bag" pattern I bougth from you. The make up bags coming out from it are really lovely.

  12. Daisie - I love that too - almost worth getting wet for.

    Bethany - oh but it is...almost like eating cardboard!

    Thank you, Keely - it was a treat to put your lovely photos on here. And do let me know if you do go venturing...

    Jane - I so agree about finding uneaten sweets - a very rare, but welcome event!

    Julia - hurrah! That's fantastic.

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

    Florence x

  13. Thanks for linking to, Florence. So glad you enjoyed it. Love your work - do send us a postcard to 3, Smith Square, London SW1P 3HS, England. Or come to a Life Club when you have a moment.
    All best, Nina x


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