Monday, 8 November 2010

Guest blogging at M is for Make...

It's is torrentially rainy here in England pretty much wherever you are I think. But for now I'm not where I normally am, instead I'm guest blogging over at M is for Make. It's no less wet, but I'm so delighted to be there as Kate's is one of my favourite blogs. Please do go visiting and you'll find out more about this dress and some other clothes that I've been making....

Wishing that your umbrella stays right-side-out (and that if you're in a non-raining country that you are revelling in your dry feet!),

Florence x

Yes, two posts in one day...unheard of for me and it may appear that I have been hit by some crazy blogging compulsion. This is what blogging here, there and everywhere can do to a girl...and actually, if you include the post over on Kate's blog that makes it three posts in one day. I will now go and lie down. Normal, infrequent service will be resumed shortly.


  1. Even California has had some overnight drizzle this week. Much better than the 100 degrees we had earlier in the week...

  2. I have just visited your post but was unable to leave a message. It is a lovely jacket, but the dress is a perfect girlie dress. You will be creating your own pattern book next!


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