The good bits...

Here are some of the bits from our Christmas that have made me feel happy:

This duck, above, which nestles annually in amongst the branches of my parents' Christmas tree

New things to wear which feel especially exciting and Christmassy: one pair of golden, cashmere Brora gloves that make me wish summer would never come; one tube of Beauty Flash Balm, something that I've wanted to sample for at least a decade; one grey snood, beautifully knitted for me by my husband's mother.

A drive home in the fog, where everything felt strangely muffled and silent and the car was so warm and cosy that we agreed we'd like the journey to go on forever so as to avoid unpacking the car's boot once home.

Rolling orangest clementines from their net and into a bowl next to these jolly roses that my sister bought for Mr Teacakes a few days ago.

Unphotographed delights:

- Eating liquid fudge from a spoon with my sister-in-law
- Finding, as we looked through a box of birth certificates dating back to the 1800s today, that my husband's great, great grandmother was called Minnie Rosetta. I'm not sure there could be a more perfect name. I wish that she was alive to know now.
- Stealing the children's new roller blades while they were watching a film with their grandfather and test-driving them with my sister (this is the joy of having very small feet and a house full of rapidly growing children).
- Drifting in and out of sleep while designing a dress in my head...I seemed to be dreaming the dress and then waking briefly to think through construction methods, before going back to sleep and dreaming more lovely dress details. Unfortunately the dress I dreamt of may be beyond my pattern-making capabilities.

I hope there have been lots of wonderful bits to your own Christmases.

Wishing you a happy few days before the new year,
Minnie-Rosetta's Great, Great Grandson's wife  x


  1. Sounds like a great holiday time! Hope you and your family have a peaceful New Year!

  2. I love Christmas trees that have those bits and pieces that come out year after year, each with its own story or memory. My mum often buys us (my brother, sister and myself) a little something to go on ours each year. I just love getting my decoration box out each year. Most of our decorations have ended up around the top half of the tree due to fingers that fiddle!!! Best wishes for the new year x

  3. Sounds perfect! Although I avoid roller blades these days - I embarrassed myself once too often with my lack of coordination...

  4. Minnie Rosetta?! Have you named the dress form yet? I seem to recall she was quite mini and wearing some sort of rosette...

  5. Sounds wonderful! The bird deccie is so gorgeous too!

  6. Ooh, I hope you don't mind but we got three new hens today and Rosetta would be the perfect name for one of them.

  7. Sounds just perfect. Love the roses. I do the dream designing too,I keep a pad near my bed to scribble in when I wake, but often the designs are not quite so lovely as I imagined they were. x

  8. The photo of the clementines and roses is simply stunning, well captured. All the best for the new year.


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