Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Instantly downloadable patterns

I have finally put a system into place so that my patterns can be downloaded instantly, the moment they've been paid for. Previously, I've always sent my patterns out via email, which means the pattern buyer has to wait a few hours before they can begin sewing. Knowing how short my own patience levels are when I've decided that I want to sew something, I've been thinking about trying to change this for a while.

You can still buy any of my patterns straight from my blog and pay via PayPal (the patterns are featured in the Flossie Teacakes Patterns tab above, as well as in the right hand bar at the side and you don't need a PayPal account to make payment - they are happy to accept credit cards). PayPal will then take you straight to a download link to click on - doing so will allow you to save the file straight to your hardrive where you can keep it for as long as you like. You will also be sent an automated email containing the download link.

The iPhone holder shown in this post is one that I made using the Lis iPhone Holder Pattern, although I've adapted it a little to the user's specifications!

I enlisted Mr Teacakes to test out my new system today and it seems to work well, but please do contact me if you make a purchase and have any problems.

I'm hoping this will make transactions quicker and smoother for buyers...and I'm also delighted by the fact that this automated system will mean that I don't have to take my laptop on holiday with me this year.

Florence x

Ps - I'm sorry if this post reads like a technical announcement...the computer wizardry involved in changing all of this over has left me temporarily drained and devoid of all personality. I'm off to record service announcements for London Underground now (am I the only person who, as a child, thought there was a woman sitting in a box somewhere forced to say 'Mind the gap, stand clear of the doors, please' over and over again in the same monotone voice? When my mother finally broke it to me that it was a recording I always wondered what the woman had done with the rest of her life post-recording. Now I know...she was in between doing complicated things with a computer...which would have been really complicated as I think it was only BBC Micro computers around at that point).


  1. Thats fantastic, you are so clever. I'm just trying to get to grips with blogging...my mind is boggled so to speak, or maybe that should be "bloggled".

    Emma x

  2. Well done on all the techy effort. I am just wondering how to make best use of the basic blog design!

  3. She was sacked, you know, the london underground woman...

  4. Getting over technical issues is always a drag. Well done for sorting it out for your fans out there! I'm newly converted and feel so inspired, and DEFINITELY not alone in my desire to make and do. I'm blown away by the number of crafty, creative and clever mammas there are out there!

  5. How wonderful! I love instant gratification.

  6. Joanne - that's shocking (more that she was sacked...I would have loved to have heard some of her announcements). But also I'm now wondering why no one who works for London Transport has come up with my mother's brilliant idea of having a robot to do the annoucements - I've always thought they had since she told me that.

    Thank you for your lovely comments - I am adding 'bloggled' to the dictionary in my head.

    Florence x


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