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Photo courtesy of Made by Rae

Firstly, hello to anyone who has come over from Craft Gossip - so lovely to have you here.

I've favourited so many things in my Google feed reader in the last few months that instead of hogging them all greedily to myself I thought I might share with you some of the ones that I've loved the best, just in case you've missed them.
  • The photo at the top of this post shows some dragon slippers made by Rae to kick off her 'Celebrate the Boy' month of boyish fun. They're gorgeous. And she has written a tutorial so that we can make some too! Hurrah! Thank you, Rae.
  • I've just watched an amazing video over at Darling Dexter about the makers of Raleigh Denim jeans: it's wonderfully inspiring and makes you want to hug the couple behind the jeans just for being so innovative, lovely and wide-eyed at their own success.
  • After reading about Quinoa muffins on both the Salt and Chocolate and the Angry Chicken blog I felt compelled to make some myself. Amy Karol's tip of adding lots of spices to the recipe does indeed bring them alive and make this healthy treat feel wonderfully sweet and sugary. My children and husband all loved them...and I went for extra virtue by making them with 80% wholemeal flour.
Photo courtesy of Monaluna
  • I've completely fallen in love with this new fox print by Monaluna, shown above because I know that my little boy would adore it. He still keeps his favourite foxy jumper in his drawer from when he was only two because neither of us can bear to pack it away. Sometimes he even squeezes himself into... but, much to his irritation, Mummy says no to wintry exposed midriffs. I'm quite in love with Jennifer Moore's prints - they transport me straight back to childhood and yet still manage to look fresh and contemporary. She's a clever one.
  • I am desperate to make this spinach and feta gozleme and so am adding it to this list as a reminder to myself (and so that you might make it first and tell me how lovely it is, which will serve as a double reminder to make it). Also on my to-make-list has been these Pistachio Meringues that popped up on the Film in the Fridge blog.
  • And finally, this dress by Ophelia of Crochetie may just be one of the loveliest things I've ever seen (although she does look have a habit of looking lovely in all the things that she makes, so it may be the combination of the dress and her that makes it really stunning).
  • Just spotted: I'm also adding Tilly's Joanie dress to my list of loveliest things I've ever seen. You may remember from my Audrey dress that I have a thing about combining black and mustard, so as well as Tilly's dress being completely adorable, it also brings out strong feelings of belt envy.
In other news:
  • After falling in love with Built by Wendy's Home Stretch book after making this dress, I was delighted to find on Amazon that Wendy has released a book this month* on Coats and Jackets... I'm so hoping it will give extensive coverage to lining them. It's yet to arrive but I'll let you know what it's like the moment it does.

    Please feel free to share any of your own interesting discoveries - I'd love to hear.

    Florence x

    *UPDATED: Amazon originally suggested that this book would be with me in 4 days...they've now contacted me to say that it will be delivered on April 9th. I'm unsure how to cope with this news. Such a disappointment. By April, Blighty will be teetering on feeling distinctly Spring-like. Surely a more seasonally appropriate release date should be factored in to avoid readers wishing away the entire summer. But then I did find myself making an autumn jacket last August, so perhaps this will become an annual summer activity.


  1. I made gozleme twice already after having discovered it through a blog. It's delicious! The only drawback is that my flat smells a bit from cooking it on the stove. But no so bad that it will prevent me from making it again soon ;o)

  2. BTW, it's the same blog you are point to

  3. Quinoa muffins? Got to try that!

  4. That foxy print is gorgeous, I must have it!

  5. Ohhhh how I love when other bloggers do a link-round-up. Thank you Thank you for providing me a good list of new places to visit!

    p.s. that fox print? *swoon*

  6. Thanks for all these great links, I'm off to take a peek. And sorry to ehar about your book being delayed... Grrr... Em x

  7. Thanks for the love, Florence! x

  8. Oh, that's so good to know that it turned out well, Sewing Princess.

    Kate & Caralyn, do go and look at the others, as there's also a much busier print that I think may involve a chicken coop that is also delicious.

    Em, it is indeed annoying, but I'm almost sure that I will have forgotten about it by April and so now am looking forward to surprising myself with this book!

    That's a pleasure, Tilly - it really is so lovely.

    Rachel - they are delicious (although I burnt the quinoa the first time and I can report that singed quinoa is not a smell that I'd ever want to breathe in again).


  9. I love the fox print! And adding the new built by wendy book to my wishlist (they are all on there!).


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