The Three Bears' Sleeping Bag PDF Pattern

I'm so delighted that my Three Bears' Sleeping Bag PDF pattern is finally ready to share with you. I first started making sleeping bags for childrens' toys a few years ago at the request of a friend and we've since given them countless times for other childrens' birthdays as well as making them for the many bears and creatures that my own children have in their rooms. For younger children they're the perfect thing to appeal to their love of taking care of things and playing at being a mummy or daddy, while for older children, tucking their bear up safely in bed before they go off to school seems to be something that they'll habitually do until an older age than you might think.

From a sewing perspective what's nice about making these sleeping bags is that for someone who is interested in trying quilting, it's a bite-sized, unintimidating first project and for seasoned quilters it's an opportunity to create something really intricate if that's what you enjoy. It can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it and it's a great pattern for using up offcuts of material - you could even use your child's favourite outgrown dresses. The pattern covers everything you need to know, including making your own binding.

And although it's called the Three Bears' sleeping bag pattern, there's no need to confine yourself to bears. The sleeping bag will provide a comfy bed for a multitude of creatures, from sheep to rabbits, as well as dolls.

The pattern comes in three sizes:

Baby Bear - which will accommodate bears up to 8" tall
Mummy Bear - with a maximum bear height of 10½" tall
Daddy Bear - catering for bears up to 13½" high.

If you have a super-sized bear that doesn't fit into any of these sizes then it's a pattern that is easily increased further on a copier at the local library or print shop.

While it's easy to set a recommended maximum bear height for each sleeping bag size, because bears vary in width so drastically, as well as this measurement often having a squashy malleability to it, it isn't possible to give a set maximum circumference - for this reason I've put together a guide where many of my children's bears model the various bed sizes to give an indication as to what kind of bed fits more oddly shaped animals - but generally, just laying your bear on a pattern piece should give a fairly obvious indication.

So here's all the information you might need about the pattern:
  • The pattern costs £10.20 (although Etsy will convert to whatever currency you’re purchasing in).
  • It has full instructions and step-by-step photographs (small, to be easy on the printer ink)
  • The pattern comes in three sizes to accommodate different bear sizes
  • The pattern pieces are easily increased on a copier if your bear is bigger than any of the sizes available.
  • The pattern will use up scraps and offcuts of material, but if you want to buy new fabrics then full quantities are given. Essentially though, three fat quarters of co-ordinating fabrics will be plenty.
  • Small businesses and independent online shops are welcome to sell any sleeping bags that they make from this pattern, with proper credit given to the pattern.
  • You can download the pattern and print it out at home straight away.

As well as the aforementioned sizing post, I've also put together an inspiration post about the different ways in which you can have fun designing a more intricate quilt cover for the sleeping bag, as well as sharing some of the photos that my utterly wonderful pattern tester has put together of her finished sets of sleeping bags.

Florence x


  1. These are just adorable! I also love the dress you made in your last post, looks fabulous on you.

  2. These are gorgeous! What a fantastic idea. It's also a mangeable project for someone like me who isn't quite confident enough to do a full sized quilt. I also really appreciate the fact that independent makers and sellers can sell these on if they wish too. I will be making a pattern purchase at some point in the future and this may just be the one I go for! Thank you. Em xx

  3. SO sweet Florence!!!! My girls have so many animals and dolls, they would love these!! :)

  4. Oh how lovely cant wait to try these out

  5. These are so darn cute. My girls would just flip out over these. I've got it pinned on Pinterest to come back to, thanks!

  6. These are SO sweet!! I just finished making one for my son's favorite cat. It is a great pattern! It printed out just fine, the pictures and directions are great! I had no problems at all and I am in love with my sleeping bag! I plan on making up some more for Christmas gifts! Thank you for such a nice pattern!

  7. Thank you so much for such a lovely project idea! I can't wait to make a sleeping-bag for Gilbert, my Granddaughter's favourite cuddly toy. I'm going to co-ordinate it with the patchwork quilt I'm making from your tutorial. I think these sleeping bags will also make wonderful additions to my 'shoebox gifts' for children living in poverty or difficult situations in 3rd world countries, or for fund-raiser fayres and coffee mornings. Thank you so much - I love this site!

  8. They're cute for the bears. They sound like they're about the the size of the bears in the McCalls M5605 Carol's Zoo Bears pattern which was recently discontinued which are the baby, mummy and papa bears too.

  9. What an adorable pattern and idea! Off to order the pattern!

  10. Just bought this adorable pattern! Thank You Florence! I'm making these sweet little sleeping bags for my 3 year old granddaughter for her many stuffed animals and dolls for Christmas. It will be a sleeping bag Christmas....My granddaughter is getting her very first Hello Kitty sleeping bag too!


  11. I'm ordering this pattern to make the bags up to give to a colleague who is about to go out to Africa for six months to volunteer in a children's centre. I'm sure the children out there will be as delighted with these gorgeous bags for their teddies as children over here are.
    Thanks for the opportunity to make them Florence.

    Tee Jay xx

  12. Hi, Just printed my pattern today and after a couple of hours I finally finished two of the papa bear for my daughters. I had never quilted anything before and thanks to your excellent tutorial I was able to. Love the final product. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial. Noemi

  13. Is this pattern still available?

    1. Hi Conny - yes, it's definitely still available - just click on the turquoise 'Buy the Pattern' button in the post. The button can sometimes be a bit slow to load, so I'm wondering if this is why you missed it, but please do let me know if there's a problem that I can't see here as I'd love to be able to fix it if it's not working for everyone (I've just checked and I've sold copies of the pattern over the weekend, so it does seem as though it's hopefully alright).

  14. Just purchased this wonderful pattern cannot wait to get started with my huge selection of fat quarters!!!


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