Around the world in sleeping bags

From left to right: 1. In a trio of stunning Heather Ross prints, sleeping bags by Hazelnuts
2. Green goodness - decliously soft looking velour pillow for an incredibly beautiful doll from Probably Actually
3. In wonderful strawberry print, seen on Flickr, made by Amy
4. Sleeping bags for lucky triplets by Lila Jo

It's a few months since I released my Three Bears Sleeping Bags pattern and I'm excited to show you some of the gorgeous beds and the lovely creatures who inhabit them that I've seen around the internet and appearing in my Flickr group. For me, almost as delightful as seeing my pattern brought to life in so many wonderful ways, has been seeing the little creatures who inhabit the sleeping bags.

From left to right: 1. I spy some gorgeous fabric by Sarah Jane Studios on this sleeping bag by S.O.T.A.K Handmade
2. Excited Mousling and bed also from S.O.T.A.K Handmade
3. Wild west themed sleeping bag from Handwash Only
4. Embroidered circles bed for a mousling by Probably Actually
5. I've shown it here before...but it's adorable and the quilting is so clever - from Amy of Lots of Pink Here

I love that these photos are a snapshot of a creature who probably only seconds after the shutter has closed will have been reclaimed and continued on its journey accompanying its owner in all sorts of eccentric adventures. There are some adorable photos of owners snuggling their sleeping-bagged bears and dolls, but I didn't feel quite right about borrowing those ones to put here on my blog....but take my word for it, they're truly lovely. Which made me think about the bears in our house...

I feel lucky that my children are yet to pass the stage where they will arrive at the dinner table with a bear or race to get their managerie of animals before we sit down to watch a film together. This photo was actually taken this morning with a sudden awareness of how fleeting this might be. I asked my little boy if I could take a photo of him holding his bear: do you mean like this, how I normally hold him? he asked, holding onto Bear's hand and allowing him to dangle over the floor. I love that this bear will carry the evidence of his being so well loved in having particularly weak armpits!

As you might be able to tell from this post - I love seeing photos of things you've made using my patterns - if you have the time or inclination then do send them to me or drop them into my Flickr pool, which is full of lovely things made by others.

Florence x


  1. There are so many great ones! It's such a cute pattern Florence! :)

  2. I LOVE that that's how he holds his bear - holding hands, like old friends (which I suppose they are :)

  3. very rewarding to see your pattern made ny others. I have seen those sleeping bags pop up in so many places, so cute!

  4. thanks again for offering this great pattern, i love it so! we get loads of play from our sleeping bags :)

  5. I love all those photos of toys in sleeping bags and the photo of your son and his teddy is adorable!

  6. Oh, gorgeous!! How lovely to think your pattern is being made all across the world! The pictures are so sweet. On a seperate note, for those of your readers who loved the dress you linked to but were disappointed, like me, to find it's pattern (New Look 6751) is out of print, I can recommend New Look 6887 as an excellent alternative. It is exactly the same high-waisted, a-line, simple clean silhouette. Although the front section is split into two on the 6887 pattern, I have made it as my preferred choice of a single panel by simply cutting the front section on a fold instead (minus 1 cm to allow for the seam allowance that would have come into play for two seperate pieces being joined together). No zips required either, happily! Louise (MUST start my own blog but haven't got a clue/too busy to!)

  7. I like the idea simple and easy but cute. You can use up in every size.

  8. o wow these are 2 cute!!!

  9. These are so cute. The mousling in the green sleeping bag looks so happy with his new bed, and the cat/tiger next to him is so laid back with his paws behind his head! Adorable.

  10. Just an observation from my own parenthood: They never outgrow their bears. Yes, they may go into a storage box for awhile (years, actually), but there will come a day when it is time to pass those little soldiers on to a new generation. Most recently I had the pleasure of doing that, and seeing not only the joyful face of my grandchild, but also his dad's happy greeting to his childhood friend was priceless!


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