Friday, 17 May 2013

Homemaker Magazine

It seems like most of the people I know in England have been struck down with a cold. Very possibly because we've been kept in the fridge for too long with the absence of any summer weather. This is my current handkerchief, for indoor use only because it is absolutely enormous and could easily be restyled into a voluminous smock top or possibly even cover my entire head and face if a sudden gust of wind came along. I think I probably knew that it was an impractical size when I bought it, but I was completely taken in by the print (yes, it's Liberty). It is almost impossible to blow your nose in a dignified way with something that resembles a small table cloth though, so it may have been an error. I have many more thoughts on handkerchiefs, but they'll have to wait until next week, because that's the kind of cliffhanger that I like to leave you on when it's a Friday afternoon.

I'm rather delighted to find myself in Homemaker Magazine this month in their 'Voices from the Blogosphere' feature. It's factually incorrect in places, but it's very nice to find myself a year younger than I really am at least! I think this may be my own fault for not having updated my biography for some time!

I haven't bought Homemaker Magazine before, but goodness, it's lovely and I feel quite delighted to appear in its pages. It has a definite craft bent to it, but it's also got a very large dollop of homemaking and interiors-related talk to go with it - it's a combination that really works and which offers something different to the kind of content I come across freely with the blogs that I follow (I tend to follow pure craft blogs as if I began following design blogs too I think I'd begin to feel a little overwhelmed).

I always love baking-related pieces and there were quite a few.

As well as the more geeky bits where a double-page spread is dedicated to discussing different glues. This morning as I dried my hair I read a quick article in there about how to properly wind and take care of an old clock. I don't actually have a clock in our house that needs winding or taking care of*, but I love reading about the processes undertaken for maintaining something like so traditionally made if I did. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. My own will involve some baking and revelling in it being the first weekend I can remember for a long time when all four of us are home together all day on a Saturday (my husband normally coaches my son's football team, so they tend to be out until at least lunchtime).

Florence x

*Actually, I have a very small digital alarm clock which my father brought home for me from a business trip when I was 14. When I went to university I spray-painted it silver and it's spent the last 15 years shedding slivers of paint and generally looking increasingly disgusting. My husband often asks why we have to have this awful alarm clock next to his side of the bed (asks in a fairly rhetorical way, as I know he couldn't actually throw it out either) but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. The article offered no guidance for taking care of such a clock, but I think that may require a more specialist publication, such as 'Hoarders Weekly'. 


  1. Oh that does look like a good magazine, I'll look out for it when I'm in Smith's tomorrow, Lucey x

  2. Lovely daughter gave me a subscription toHomemaker and Sew by the same publisher. I'm really enjoying both magazines - great to see you mentioned!

  3. I also like simple things, by the makers of molly makes

  4. I just discovered your blog via Homemaker =) It's a lovely magazine, filled with all my favourite things! Look forward to reading more of your blog soon. Peg xxx

  5. Glad you managed to pick up a copy and liked the magazine - it's one of my favourites at the mo! Hope you're cold is gone/improved x

  6. Loving homemaker mag - was pleased to see you featured, well deserved


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