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Thank you so much for all the thoughtful comments you left on my give away post. More than any other giveaway I've ever done, seeing these entries flooding into my inbox gave me enormous delight, especially as many of them arrived on my birthday. I truly loved reading about your extravagances, even though I think the word is almost a contradiction of itself, because your answers crystallised what I'd already been thinking when considering my own: an extravagance is rarely a true extravagance to the person appreciating the thing in question, when to them it feels like the most worthwhile use of time or money, rather than a squandering of it, contrary to what the word 'extravagance' implies.

So many of you wrote that your sewing or craft supplies as your extravagance - guiltily, I realised that I hadn't even considered that as one of mine. I think I may have consigned those things as living in the same category as air, water and food. Oops. 

I really loved how similar many of our extravagances are, but also how many odd, curious ones cropped up too (like the ownership of a beautiful red tractor, which doesn't do any useful farming tasks, but which makes a delicious noise putt-putting around the lanes on a summer's afternoon! I really loved that idea). If you ever have half an hour to spare with a cup of coffee (because I now know that coffee is the extravagance of many), do read through the comments - there's something deliciously cheering about reading comment after comment of people savouring the small things - thank you so much to everyone who entered!

The English paper piecing paraphernalia will be sent to Julie of Mack and Mabel, who said: For me it's definitely books. I buy them even when I know I might not have time to read them. I feel comforted having them around me, having them on the coffee table to pick up at odd moments and to be able to share them with family and friends. Julie, please do send your address and I'll get your little package of goodness sent out to you. Thank you so much to Backstitch for offering up the loveliness!

Florence x


  1. I really enjoyed reading the comments too - couldn't decide on mine, too many to choose from!
    Were you at the Country Living Show? I saw a stand with your name and would have loved to have seen you there.

  2. My parcel arrived this weekend. Thank you so much! It's being put to good use already and I'm now a total convert to the Sewline glue stick. Its so much quicker and nicer than the liquid basting glue I was using previously. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway and to Backstitch for providing the goodies!


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