Peony English Paper Piecing pattern

A Close-Up

My Peony English Paper Piecing Pattern is finally ready to meet the world! I rarely ever make quilt-related things twice, but I did with this (you can see my other version here), so I feel I can safely say this is an enjoyable pattern to sew. I think what holds my attention about it is the lack of repetition; each new round of the flower is a different shape and offers room to introduce new fabric prints, colour or placement. It's also a refreshingly quick make when it comes to EPP - perfect for mini-quilts, wall hangings, the central medallion of a quilt or super-sizing to make a whole lap quilt!

Peony English Paper Piecing Pattern

So here are a few details about what the Peony EPP pattern includes:
  • Full-size pattern pieces that can be printed on regular printer paper at home. 
  • Photos demonstrating tips and techniques.
  • Illustrations and diagrams showing exactly how the pieces go together.
  • Lots of tips for how to English paper piece curves - from wrapping the papers to sewing the actual pieces together. 
  • A colouring sheet so that you can plan out a colour scheme. 
  • Used at 100%, the actual size pattern pieces produce a finished design that measures approximately 13.25" x 13.25", but the pieces can be scaled up on a photocopier and adapted for a full-size quilt if you wish. 
  • The pattern includes a seam allowance around the perimeter of the completed piece - this means that you have extra room built in to: frame it; bind it; make it into a cushion (which you'd need a seam allowance for); or appliqué it a background to use as the central medallion in a quilt. 
  • This pattern should be a suitable challenge for anyone who has successfully completed at least one paper piecing project already. 
  • It's instantly downloadable for you to save and print out from your own computer.
  • It costs just £6 (at the time of writing, that's around $8.80USD, $11.70AUD, $11.30 CAD).
  • You can buy a copy, here!

It's always a real treat to see new versions of my patterns appearing on Instagram. If you'd like to share, hashtag your progress with #PeonyEPP or email me a photo if you have a private account/don't use IG!

Florence x


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful, the colours really make it pop and love the flowers in the middle, looks like fiddly work but might give it a go one day.

  2. It's a beautiful pattern Florence and your choice of fabrics suits the design and size perfectly.

  3. Wow! Just... wow! It's extraordinary!

  4. oh my god, such a great work :) love your blog ! congrats


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