1. What sewing machines do you have?
I have a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2. It's wonderful. I'm planning to review it at some point soon, and when I do, I'll put in a link here.

I also have a Pfaff Classicstyle Home 1529, which is completely lacking in fancy gadgets and exciting buttons to press...but it's a dream machine simply because it sews so beautifully and is lovably stress-free. What makes it so perfect is its in-built walking foot - you can read more about why I love it in this post.

I also have an Elna overlocker...very basic, but again, it normally behaves itself, which is what really matters most to me.

2. Where do you buy your fabric from?
I buy fabrics from all over the world (which makes me sound well-travelled, but disappointingly this is all done from my laptop, as I have to quell the urge to plan entire family holidays around where might have the best fabricy goodness). However, I'm actually based in England, so I've put together a list of excellent UK fabric suppliers that you might like if you live here too...although your credit card may like it less. You can also click through to any of my blog sponsor's shops in the right hand column.

4. Can I definitely sell anything that I make using one of your patterns?
Absolutely. While I don't permit the patterns themselves to be circulated or reproduced in any way, I'm completely delighted for you to sell any of the things that you might make from them on a small scale (i.e. in your own Etsy shop) on the condition that you mention the pattern in the listing.

5. How do your patterns arrive with me?
The minute you've paid for one of my patterns, you'll be automatically sent a link to download the pattern instantly. This means no waiting around before you can start sewing. The pattern format is PDF, which you can print out at home on a regular A4 printer, just make sure you set your printer to print at 100% and don't select the 'shrink to fit' or 'page scaling' option.

6. Can I use your photos or words on my blog?
It depends. I love it when people link to something on my blog, and if you'd like to use one illustrative photo with that link then that that's usually fine...but the photo should always be used with full credit and a link back to the original post it was taken from or to my blog. This permission excludes any photos that feature my children or family members...I like them to stay here on my own blog. Ditto my words and writing - please don't use these on your blog.

7. How do the links on your blog work?
As you may have noticed, I'm incredibly enthusiastic about all things sewing-related and so will often share new fabric ranges, products or books that I've discovered here - I do this because I'm genuinely excited about these things and I'm not paid to do so.

Occasionally, I'll do this after a publisher, manufacturer or fabric shop owner has sent me a product too, but in these cases, it's usually clear in the text of the post that this has given to me (eg. 'so and so very kindly sent me...), rather than it having been something that I've bought or spotted somewhere. I never review things positively unless I absolutely love them - if I'm in mixed minds about something I'll share both the positives and the negatives, or if I dislike a product then I don't tend to mention it at all.

Sometimes (when I remember!) I use the Amazon Associates scheme - this means that when I link to a book on Amazon UK, if you then buy it after clicking through to Amazon from my link, Amazon share a tiny (and I mean tiny) percentage of the profit from that sale with me. This doesn't add anything to the cost of the book or item for you and Amazon don't pass on any of your details to me. If you'd rather I didn't receive a percentage of Amazon's sale profits, then you can bypass this by not clicking on the link to make your purchase, but going directly to Amazon and typing in the title of the book yourself.

Florence x
A few of the books/products that I link to on Amazon from my blog contain affiliate links and very occasionally, I'll mention a product that I've been given free of charge. I choose the things that I recommend carefully and my priority is to only share things that I love.