Rope Bowls - like pottery for sewers! Rope bowls are simple to make, but hideously addictive. Click here to begin your rope bowl-making journey.

Fabric Bookmarks - These make such a lovely gift and are perfect for giving alone or along with a book. You can find the full tutorial and templates here.

Pinflower Cake Toppers - You won't require a sewing machine to make these cake decorations. Easy to make they are reusable as you can replace the cocktail sticks after each use. If you 'd like to make some you can find the downloadable template and tutorial here.

Patchwork Quilt Tutorial - A tutorial intended for a quilting beginner, using a simple pattern, covering everything from cutting the fabrics, to creating the quilt sandwich, to how to bind it all together.

Quilted Coasters with Self-Bound Edges - make quilted self-bound drinks coaster with this easy-peasy tutorial. Instructions are given as to how to vary the size to make these up as table mats too. Find the tutorial here.

Zippered Coin Purse Tutorial -
click this link here for a lined, zippered make-up bag tutorial. What's special about this tutorial is that it teaches you how to cover the zipper ends, giving a really lovely neat finish - hurrah!

Peppermint Creams - I have a worrying addiction to making these peppermint creams, and  so would take great comfort from others joining me in this! You can find the very simple, but very delicious, recipe here. Enjoy. x
A Beginner's Guide to English Paper Piecing (EPP) - this guide was put together out of my own experiences as a beginner and covers everything from how to make paper templates to stitching the pieces together. You can find it here.

A Guide to Fussy-Cutting for English Paper Piecing (EPP) - I'm something of a fussy-cutting obsessive as I love the kaleidoscope effect it gives and here I've shared how I cut fabric, being sure that I get an identical slice of the print every time.

Shirring Tutorial - not just practical - there's something completely delightful about making your own elasticised fabric...it always feels magical as you watch something that was once quite rigid transform into something boingy & playful. Find the fun here.

Shirred Headband Tutorial - this headband fits the head perfectly as it's cut on the bias, and the super-stretchy shirring means that it will fit pretty much any head. The perfect project for practicing shirring. Find it here.

Sewing Machine Feet - Sewing machine feet are something of an obsession of mine since realising that really everything is so much easier, and my sewing is so much neater when I'm using the right foot - you can read an article all about feet that I wrote for 'Sew, Mama, Sew!' here.

Lavender Sachets tutorial for sewers with a perfectionist streak - this tutorial gives tricks for producing perfect corners and invisible seam closures. You can find it here.

Matryoshka Needlecase -
If you fancy something easy to make that doesn't require a sewing machine, just needle and thread, then you can find my tutorial for this Matryoshka needlecase here. It first appeared in UK Handmade magazine in winter 2009.

Stained Glass Butterflies Tutorial - For a tutorial on how to make these stained glass style butterflies with your small ones you can click over onto this post for more information and gluey fun.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your pages and especially the tutorials. I am a very frustrated seamstress myself - starting things and then not knowing enough to finish properly, so finding you has been wonderful!! Amanda

  2. Hello,
    I love your tutorials and after being successful with making your zippered coin purse I wanted to try another project. I thought I would make the sewing needle case. I tried clicking on the link but it didn't work for me. I live in the United States and can't get back issues of the UK handmade magazine. Is there another way I can get access to this pattern?
    thank you again for taking the time to make your tutorials.

    1. Hi Tara - you should now be able to find it here: http://flossieteacakes.blogspot.com/2011/10/matryoshka-needlecase-tutorial_28.html

      Thanks for contacting me about it. I hope you enjoy making it. x

  3. I love your tutorials, I will try a couple of them soon. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I just found your blog and wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to write these tutorials and taking all the pictures. I know that takes a lot of time. I am going to try your make-up bag today. ♥

  5. Love the tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to put them together.

  6. You explain things so well. Thanks for taking the time.

  7. This is the absolute best way I have seen for getting a zipper to look nice in a pouch. Great thinking and thanks so much for sharing this step by step !!


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